Please see the Shop page to find a small selection of local history books


We are open 1 til 4pm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and the first Saturday of the month. 

These are our activity days, crafternoons and community chatter. We also do fun things with tech! All welcome, funded places for those within the Wisbech town area that we are funded for, ask when you visit. (otherwise a donation is suggested)


We are based within Octavia Hill’s Birthplace House, so our rent goes towards supporting this amazing building and their mission to tell the story of Octavia Hill, her family, friends and life’s work. Many of our volunteers help in the House, so we can also be found open on days when the House is open, if you’d like to visit and see the lovely local stock of gifts we have and also of course our eco products – including a refill station.


The second hand bookshop is a fabulous resource of local history, general paperback fiction and specialist subjects such as cookery and gardening. We have a lovely selection of vintage children’s books and a large collection of antique books too, interesting to read but also beautiful to display! See our ABEbooks listings for those, but they are at the Hub, so pop in too.


Please get in touch and tell us what else you would like to see in the Hub! email by clicking here